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Bros forcing bros to drink nondescript, opaque, fruity, malt beverages that are definitely not associated with the word “ice”

June 30, 2010

Bros Icing Bros

A Great Marketing Opportunity Brought To A Knee

Bro Chugging a Smirnoff Ice

Bro Being Iced

Bros Icing Bros was many things more than just some simple drinking game originating somewhere in the Spring heat of South Carolina.  It was an incredibly viral meme that brought the brand Smirnoff Ice back into the everyday lexicon of a generation of recreational drinkers who would have happily lived on without ever remembering that it existed.  For one brief blink in time, holding a Smirnoff Ice was not something to feel shameful of.  It was something to be rejoiced, laughed about with friends, filmed and later uploaded on YouTube for the whole world to see.  Yes friends, for several weeks it became almost a right of passage for a young man to strut into a liquor store, proudly hand the clerk a six-pack and proudly proclaim “no bag thank you, just the Smirnoff Ice” loudly enough for others to hear.  Smirnoff Ice had never had never enjoyed so much attention from the non-purse, carrying portion of the population in all its days.

The meme was so brilliantly executed that surely it must have had some wight behind it.  An ad buy here, an influencer outreach there.  Something must be driving this.  Smirnoff Must have poured thousands into this campaign.  While some applauded, Smirnoff couldn’t seem to get over the public scorn.  As quickly as it began to build steam, big daddy Diageo (Smirnoff’s parent company) brought down the no-fun fist and tried to force the movement to a knee.

Playing Bros Icing Bros

For those have gone without being iced.  “Bros Icing Bros” is a very simple, albeit ingenious, drinking game where the loser (or winner… no, sticking with loser) must drop to one knee and chug a Smirnoff Ice.  The game’s foremost authority, (now defunct) kindly laid out the only two rules of this glorious game.

Game rules for Bros Icing Bros

How to play Bros Icing Bros

But Ices Were Never Meant To Be Chugged Damn It!

Critics were outraged that Smirnoff could promote something like this and despite Smirnoff’s fervent insistence that they had nothing to do it, the suspicions lingered on.  Can you blame them.  Like chugging Smirnoff Ice doesn’t fall in line with their current Facebook promotion that offers contestants the chance to win 400 gallons of foam for a party at their own house.  No, seriously.  It’s a promotion they’re offering.  Checkout their Facebook Page.

Sadly, Smirnoff Ice seems to be blind to the fact that although a small portion of the population think the drink is the coolest thing since Ed Hardy trucker hats, a much larger portion of the population will flat out leave any public establishment where the beverage is being served.  The take away from all of this is that is you can’t seem to make your product cool, maybe you should try to make giving your product away cool.  Smirnoff Ice should have embraced the old addadge that “it’s better to give than it is to recieve”.

Smirnoff Ice info on Facebook Page

Smirnoff Ice Facebook Page

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