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News Release – PR 2.0: A Communications Game Changer

February 26, 2010

SOURCE: Owen Garscadden



A Communications Game Changer


It’s Everywhere You Are (and need to be), March 1, 2010 – Web 2.0 has lead to the democratization of web content.  Consumers now gather and share information in order to make their own decisions.  Old command and control styles of communication have given way to direct, symmetrical conversations between brands and individuals.  The nature of PR has not changed; the industry is simply adapting its tactics.  PR 2.0 forces the industry to get back to its roots by once again recognizing that PR has always been about building relationships, and strong relationships have always be based upon reciprocation.

PR 2.0 is not about new technologies, they are merely tools which facilitate new conversations.  It’s not about “finally” getting on the latest social media site.  Many practitioners get caught up in these new tools, but it’s not about them at all.  It is about the communicator.  Somewhere along the way, PR practitioners got caught up in all the buzz words, spin, the hype and later, the social media apps.  Becoming more obsessed with theatrics than authenticity, many forgot that relationships are what good public relations were always meant to foster.

Web 2.0 has exponentially increased the amount of user-created information being disseminated across the internet.  21stCentury consumer behaviour demands direct attention from brands and bloggers are more than willing to fill the conversation voids left by absentee companies.  Like never before, social media allows brands to reach out, on a personal level, to an enormous amount of followers.  People are actively participating in these dialogues and brands must respond to them.  Web 2.0 is forcing the “public” back into public relations and the recognition of this provides an opportunity for practitioners to take back the industry’s credibility.

These changes create many more challenges for effective PR campaigns.  The direct conversations have limited the credibility of 3rd party endorsements.  Search engine optimization and PR are now closely intertwined.  The language of PR must change in order to support SEO.

Citizen journalists have changed the very nature of media and reporting.  Blogging voices have become dominant trend-setters.  Blogger relations are the new media relations.  PR practitioners must understand who these influencers are and that they must be addressed.

PR 2.0 represents a bright future for PR practitioners by providing an opportunity to shake of many of the negative stereotypes surrounding the profession.  This can only be accomplished by PR pros who understand that relationships built on two-way streets are their real goals and that the public is always recognized as the most important part of public relations.

For more information, check out Deirdre BreakenridgeMitch Joel, and Brian Solis.  Three fantastic expert sources on everything that is Web2.0 and how it drives public relations.  Also be sure to check out Coerced Musings often for new tips and information.


A Communications Game Changer

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