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So You’ve Learned “How-To” Create a Facebook Page? Now Let’s Talk Content

January 22, 2010

You’ve gotten yourself some help creating your Facebook page, now what?  In order to build an online presence, you must create and maintain a connection with your audience.  There are many ways to go about doing this, here are just a few…

Publish Interesting and Relevant Content (Regularly)

Use your audience research to determine what type of content your fans are interested in seeing.  Keep your new posts fresh and if possible, update your existing content.  Fans are not going to keep stopping by just to talk amongst themselves on your wall and you wont be increasing your base by your name and profile picture alone.  What type of content you do end up posting is entirely up to you.  If you host events, film them and toss up the videos.  New song? Let the world hear it on your page first.  Have something to say?  You just created your own forum.  If all else fails grab a camera and start snapping some shots.  Whatever you post, just make sure it has a reason.  Your page is not a place for flights of fancy.  It is selling a story so make sure all the pieces fit together and you’ll be singing your song from the rafters.

Develop Interactive Content

Aside from being a resource for your fans, try including content that requires participation in order to entice viewers to join your page and visit often.  Contests are a great way to get repeat visitors.  Creating Facebook-exclusive enticements such as coupons and promo codes is also a fantastic way to add value to your page and brand.

Tag Other Users in Your Posted Pictures and Videos

When visitors don’t come to you on their own, there are ways to give them a helpful push through the door.  Nothing will get a fan jumping ship from your page faster than bogging up their inbox with a constant barrage of mass messages.  In fact, a huge number of Facebook users don’t even open all of their incoming mail.  If you really want to lay out some bait, nothing sparks a Facebook user’s interest faster than a little red exclamation point.  Tagging your fans in your page’s contet will draw them in faster than a moth to a flame.  At least try to make sure it’s actually the person you are tagging in the image, or at least a massive group shot of an event they attended…

Greet a New Guest Properly At Your Front Door

You wouldn’t throw a dinner party and let your guests be greeted by strangers so why would you subject your fans to this haphazard treatment?  Facebook, by default, sends visitors to your wall where a new guest is bombarded by a conversation that may be taken out of context.  Instead set your default to one of your custom tabs.  If you want to show them a video, make sure to change it often.  Otherwise, direct your guests to a welcoming page that provides them with a brief bio of who you are.  Make sure the page encourages visitors to “become a fan” as well as providing them with a taste of what your Facebook Page and your other sites have to offer.

Join The Conversation

This tip cannot be emphasized any stronger.  When your fans post on your wall or comment on some of your content, they are trying to speak with you.  So don’t ignore them.  Directly engaging your fans lets them know that you care.  This will strengthen bonds and through your commitment you will be creating an army of autonomous brand ambassadors.  Like something a fan added?  Repost it.  A group of fans compliment something you did?  Thank them.  In the end, it barely matters how you do it, just make sure to JOIN THE CONVERSATION.


Facebook itself provides a great resource for making your Facebook Page stand out from the crowd.  You’re already logged on anyways so make sure you check out these two links:

If your not really that into reading, I recommend that you check out what Caitlin O’Farrell has to say.  She works for Facebook in consumer marketing so I’m betting my money that she knows a thing or two.  To get some inspiration for your new and improved Facebook Fan Page, take a look at an article on Mashable listing 5 of the top Facebook Fan Pages.

If you really want to take your Facebook Page in a better and brighter direction, check out Aislin’s blog and she’ll help you find your way.  Totally lost and don’t know where to start?  Catherine’s got you covered.

Here is a great video on really adding some customization to your page;

Here is a link to a great blog that gives you a hand with what you just watched.

And in case you missed it, here is how to get started creating a Facebook Fan Page;

Check out

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