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Bros forcing bros to drink nondescript, opaque, fruity, malt beverages that are definitely not associated with the word “ice”

June 30, 2010

Bros Icing Bros

A Great Marketing Opportunity Brought To A Knee

Bro Chugging a Smirnoff Ice

Bro Being Iced

Bros Icing Bros was many things more than just some simple drinking game originating somewhere in the Spring heat of South Carolina.  It was an incredibly viral meme that brought the brand Smirnoff Ice back into the everyday lexicon of a generation of recreational drinkers who would have happily lived on without ever remembering that it existed.  For one brief blink in time, holding a Smirnoff Ice was not something to feel shameful of.  It was something to be rejoiced, laughed about with friends, filmed and later uploaded on YouTube for the whole world to see.  Yes friends, for several weeks it became almost a right of passage for a young man to strut into a liquor store, proudly hand the clerk a six-pack and proudly proclaim “no bag thank you, just the Smirnoff Ice” loudly enough for others to hear.  Smirnoff Ice had never had never enjoyed so much attention from the non-purse, carrying portion of the population in all its days.

The meme was so brilliantly executed that surely it must have had some wight behind it.  An ad buy here, an influencer outreach there.  Something must be driving this.  Smirnoff Must have poured thousands into this campaign.  While some applauded, Smirnoff couldn’t seem to get over the public scorn.  As quickly as it began to build steam, big daddy Diageo (Smirnoff’s parent company) brought down the no-fun fist and tried to force the movement to a knee.

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Do You Know Where Your Friends Are?

March 22, 2010

I do.  I even know where people I’ve never even met are.  Just right now, one of them is grabbing a cup of coffee on Bay St.  Another is enjoying a bowl of soup a few blocks over and some guy I sat next to in a politics class apparently went on to become the mayor of Burger King (I’d DM him with my congratulations if he would only start following me…).  How do I know these things?  Some crazy little app that can be increasingly seen encroaching on my feed told me so.  Foursquare, who are you and what are you doing here? Read more…

Ford Fiesta Movement: An Old Industry Breaking New Ground

March 19, 2010

The last recession did not spare the US automakers from its wrath.  A house of cards built upon mismanagement, lack of innovation and a failure to predict the changing tastes of consumers, the American auto industry stood on a precarious edge.  As the Senate Banking Committee heard testimonies from the heads of “The Big Three”, the public’s faith in the once mighty leaders crumbled away.  GM and Chrysler attempted to cut costs wherever they could with GM even dropping many of its PR contracts.  Amongst the mayhem,  Ford saw an opportunity; an untapped resource.  No one had ever tried to market a car through social media.  In a last ditch effort at reclaiming its name, Ford laid its cards on the table and invited 100 “socially-vibrant 20-somethings” to a fiesta. Read more…

Social Media ROI

March 17, 2010

Putting A Dollar Value On A Friend..?

For time immemorial, those engaged in the business of promoting another’s product or service have been faced with the task of justifying themselves in the language of an accountant.  It would seem as though businesses which have been formulated around tangible products can’t seem to wrap their minds around something that cannot as easily be physically counted or assigned a monetary value.  Why is it, that this need for financial certainty is demanded of advertisers, marketers and public relations practitioners?  Does a business require that a water company financially justify the effects of a well hydrated work force?  Must a cellular provider present a diagram outlining the potential for an increase in the firm’s bottom line if its staff were to be given Blackberries?

Eventually, this double standard of expectation was overcome within the realm of traditional media.  The business community accepted that an ad in a newspaper was worth $X if it were ‘H’ by ‘W’ in size and the news paper was read by ‘Y’ number of people each day.  Communicators everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief.  As social media began to spread and started presenting a real challenge to traditional media outlets, the game changed and a new breed of social media marketers once again find themselves struggling to quantify their legitimacy.

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A Torontonian For Biclycle Sharing Programs

March 11, 2010

Can I Please Have My Bixi?

Bicycle sharing programs have been growing in popularity around the world after having been given a huge public boost by the launch of Paris’ Vélib’.  Montreal jumped on the bandwagon with its Bixi (bicycle & taxi) program last summer after installing 400 bike-dock stations which offered 5000 bicycles to peddle-happy commuters and tourists alike.   One year ago, a City of Toronto staff report recommended the launch of a similar program in Spring 2010.  With Spring around the corner, it’s not looking good.  True to the city’s character, the potential for a bike sharing program in Toronto has been bogged down  in endless debates between advisarial interests and financial worry.

I’m just going to come out and say it: “I’m a bike person”.   Read more…

Personal Brand Camp 2

March 3, 2010

Personal Brand Camp 2 was an in person/online conversation on, surprise surprise, personal branding.  Organized by social media professor, Michael Cayley, #pbcamp2 invited industry mentors, students and passersby to participate in an exciting exchange of ideas.  The event not only provided everyone in attendance with a fantastic opportunity for networking but also helped many students along their paths towards creating unique personal brands.  Although the full benefit of the camp stemmed from its participatory nature, you’re sure to find some great advice towards creating/refining your personal brand within this collection of the camp’s exchange.

Feel free to add any comments you have.  This conversation never ends.

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News Release – PR 2.0: A Communications Game Changer

February 26, 2010

SOURCE: Owen Garscadden



A Communications Game Changer


It’s Everywhere You Are (and need to be), March 1, 2010 – Web 2.0 has lead to the democratization of web content.  Consumers now gather and share information in order to make their own decisions.  Old command and control styles of communication have given way to direct, symmetrical conversations between brands and individuals.  The nature of PR has not changed; the industry is simply adapting its tactics.  PR 2.0 forces the industry to get back to its roots by once again recognizing that PR has always been about building relationships, and strong relationships have always be based upon reciprocation.

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